1. We went to our local Homeschool Convention and heard the amazingly wonderful Jim Weiss again.  Bear wrote him a letter, which she hand delivered.  Of course, J-jo had to write one too.  My daughter won’t line up to meet princesses at Disney World, but when I told her Jim Weiss was going to be at the homeschool convention, she squealed with glee and asked if she could come with me so she could attend his lecture and talk to him again.  We’re geeky in this family and proud of it!

2. Torrential downpours are so much fun.

3. We just finished our first two weeks of school.  The first went smoothly.  The second had many interruptions, but they were worth it.

4. I’m looking forward to our Charlotte Mason Extras co-op that will meet once a month starting in September. We will cover nature study and science, art appreciation, and handicrafts. I am in charge of the artist appreciation portion.  We’ll also be doing nature walks as a group once a month (on a different day)

5. I was introduced to yogurt making and haven’t looked back!  It is so easy though it does create an eyesore on the counter for 8 to 10 hours.  My set-up is to wrap a gigantic towel and fleece jacket around a pot of hot water in which sits the incubating yogurt.  It takes up a whole section of counter and looks ridiculous.  But the taste of the homemade yogurt is worth the ugly lump of towel on the counter.

6. The kids have spent hours playing boardgames this summer.  Chess is their favorite (I told you we were geeky), followed by Sorry!.


Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.