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  1. Raising a Happy Child
    Raising a Happy Child at |

    Wow, Bear is a good student. I cannot imagine Anna doing any sort of sit down work for more than 15 minutes at a time even though I know mentally that she is doing it in school.

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  2. Jenny
    Jenny at |

    I’m exhausted just reading that! Yeah mom!

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  3. Teaching Stars
    Teaching Stars at |

    Just curious because I plan on starting my oldest on WWE this year and I see you said you do a week’s worth of work in one day. Roughly how much time does that end up for you on that day?

    I’m wondering what groove will work for us.

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  4. Melissa
    Melissa at |

    Love this post! I see you are using the workbook for Writing with Ease…I wasn’t sure about ordering it, but I decided that it was worth it a few days ago. We will be reading SOTW with the History Odyssey program, so I didn’t plan to get the activity guide, but I think may after seeing your post…it looks like there is a lot of good stuff in there 🙂 Thanks for this awesome look at your day!

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  5. The girl who painted trees
    The girl who painted trees at |

    @Teaching Stars – The copywork takes 5 minutes. I give her one short sentence and one long sentence from the two sheets (there are 2 sentences for copywork on each workbook page, but you aren’t supposed to have them do both. I am saving the book for when J-jo is able to do it so there is a J next to the sentences he will eventually copy and a N next to the sentences Bear is to copy. The narrations might become too lengthy to do all in one day, but as we are only on week 5, so far it has been manageable. Also the narration is you asking them questions (and I don’t write the answers down) and then the child telling you ONE thing they remember. This I write for Bear while she watches, because I am not sure if she is supposed to write it herself or not. However, since she does so much printing already for AAS, FLL, and the WWE copywork ,I don’t mind writing it for her. I think narration takes 15 to 20 minutes (for both).

    @Melissa – I got the teacher’s book of WWE a few days ago because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep using the workbooks!
    I love the maps in the SOTW AG! We aren’t doing the coloring pages at all (although I am sure Bear would love them if she knew they existed, but even just for the maps, it made it worth the $20 to me. The book lists are good and I have found at least half the books at my library. I like how she breaks up the lists into fiction and nonfiction.
    My friend just got the History Odyssey program. Does it not have maps?

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  6. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    What logic book are you using? I am looking for something for next year. Thanks!

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