What we did today:

Played with buttons. Tried to sort blue ones and yellow ones.
Tried to get her to “count” by placing one button per number square. (1-6)
Played with baby doll.
Shape sorter – bored of it after 3 shapes.
Climbing boxes and jumping
pushing pipe cleaners into an empty spice bottle
Washing her dish in a large plastic bowl on the floor with a sponge
Playing with balls outside for a bit
Sidewalk chalk
Nap – 1 hour
Lunch while listening to Classical music
Painting with tempera paint and then cleaning up
Crayons and more stickers
dice in the empty orange juice jug
stacking and size sorting the Gerber jars
dropping marbles into the Gerber jars.
“counting” the marbles (1-6)
walk in stroller – stopping to gather rocks and throw them in some puddles
snack of bread (which we bought on the walk), mango, apple juice, chamomile tea, and cheese
self-entertained with face stickers – sticking them on the backs of her hands.
she asked for a nap – I think she just wants some pacifier time – I left her 10 minutes then went to get her
music time
more climbing
puzzles and books
more books
7 pm sleep

Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.