Another Day in the Life

Another Day in the life

Monday happened to be a very smooth, easy homeschool day (aside from the tantrum over the granola).  However, Tuesday was so different, I wanted to give you a glimpse at another day in the life.

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homeschool planning

The checklist in action. You can see how things get pushed around and how we don’t stick to this as a schedule. It’s only a guide for what I hope we will accomplish in the week.

For one thing, I did not wake up before the kids.  I did not get a chance to read the Divine Office.  I did get to make a chart for the kids of the 6 things I expect them to do before breakfast, including the prayers I would like them to say (though they are welcome to say ones of their own) to get them in the habit of praying for their day.  I typed it up while they were eating breakfast.  I prayed those prayers for my day, because I could already tell it was the kind of day that would need a large downpour of God’s grace.

We did not read Long Story Short, nor Hymns for a Kids Heart, nor More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls.

It was 8:15 when I woke up and rolled out of bed.  The kids were already awake playing in Bear’s room.  Bear takes homeopathic supplements before breakfast and can’t eat for twenty minutes after she takes them.  I asked her to practice her piano while she passed the time.  All was well until she started playing Minuet and skipped a line of the music.  She got very upset and refused to continue to practice.  I calmly told her that there would be no breakfast until she had played Minuet once through as best she could.  It was her recital piece in December; hence, she knows it well.  Wanting her breakfast, she played it through, extremely well and extremely begrudgingly.  Note that she was probably too hungry to respond properly and that I should have waited until after breakfast to ask her to practice. Hindsight.

We ate breakfast and I sent the kids to get dressed.  It was probably around 9:00.  J-jo (notice he never got dressed yesterday) got dressed right away.  Bear decided to be stubborn and wouldn’t get dressed.  She was adamant about not doing school today and informed me she would stay in her room all day. I calmly told her that if she wasn’t dressed and her room wasn’t tidy by the time I was out of the shower, there would be a consequence (which I clearly stated to her).  Well, when I got out of the shower, she only had her teeth to brush and after she did that, she came to the school room without another prompting.  However, it was now past 10:00.

She did all her Saxon math without a complaint.  She struggled through a confusing question without getting upset and because she stayed calm, I was able to sort out her confusion quickly and she continued through the rest of the practice problems. (The question was “Write twenty five million, fifty three thousand using digits.”  She got confused about the place value of the fifty thousand and missed putting a place holder zero. Easily remedied with a place value chart.) While she was doing math, J-jo did another Rightstart math lesson and two more copywork sentences.  He had had enough of school so went to play while Bear finished math.

J-jo came back as Bear finished math (about 30 minutes from the time he’d left to play) and asked to do his reading lesson.  

All About Reading

I had Bear read Apologia Swimming Creatures since all her other work required my presence.  J-jo did only one lesson because we were hungry for lunch.

Apologia Swimming Creatures

Lunch took an inordinate amount of time. As we ate, we listened to Vivaldi and did the SQUILT lesson about him and then we worked on memorizing some Shakespeare.Vivaldi learning activity

 J-jo chose not to join in for Shakespeare.

I decided the weather was beautiful and warm and that we should go for a walk in the neighborhood.  The kids disappeared for thirty minutes to get ready (they were packing their bags for this expedition) so we didn’t get out the door until 2:00.  I glanced at my list before heading out and decided I would bring our memory work booklet and practice some history sentences.  We got through 13 of them before getting back home.  The walk was short-lived because J-jo had packed too much in his backpack and it was too heavy!

 Back home (it was 3:00 pm), Bear practiced her Prima Latina words on Quizlet.

Then we went through an All About Spelling Lesson.  We tweak the lessons a lot now that she is in the higher levels.  We try to see how many of the list words we can fit into one sentence for dictation, instead of using the ones in the book.  It’s a bit of a fun challenge for both of us.  J-jo came back to visit us and stayed to cut.

She did a page of her French workbook and we called it a day.  
French curriculumThe kids were going to go back outside to ride bikes, but started playing instead.  Apparently, they set up camp in my walk-in closet.  Meanwhile,  I was working on the Monday Day in the Life  post and nearly forgot about dinner until the kids came to remind me.

School never looks the same two days in a row.  Yesterday we schooled from 9 to 12, today from 10 to 12 and 3 to 4.  Both days gave a total of 3 hours plus what we did over breakfast and lunch, or in the car.  I much prefer an earlier start, some Bible reading at breakfast and finishing at noon, but it doesn’t always happen that way.  As long as the learning is happening, I am okay with that.



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    I completely understand. My mother is always hounding me to have a fixed schedule (and.. I do make an attempt… half-hearted, maybe), but no two days are remotely similar around here. Great posts!

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