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  1. jeannine: waddleeahchaa
    jeannine: waddleeahchaa at |

    Great ideas to move to a more advanced appreciation of art. We do weekly art projects (more art than crafts!) and my children are developing an appreciation for art. We’ve done art based on many children’s illustrators. Maybe we will give artist of the week a try. So many great ideas, so little time.

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  2. Min
    Min at |

    We began doing artist study and even bought the picture cards but it fell to the side. Thanks for this reminder! What a wonderful summary! Very helpful.

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  3. Rebekah Teague
    Rebekah Teague at |

    I don’t do enough Art Appreciation. Thanks for the tips and the printable!

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  4. regime Change north korea
    regime Change north korea at |

    Very descriptive article, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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  5. Brandy @ Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood
    Brandy @ Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood at |

    Thank you for such a great post! I was just wondering how to gently introduce art study to those who are new to it! So glad I can send them here! 🙂

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  6. Erin
    Erin at |

    Thank you!! you’ve just inspired me to give art appreciation another go, it’s been years since we have done it. It can be done, I don’t have to make it complicated!

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