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  1. welcome to our wonde
    welcome to our wonde at |

    great pictures, I linked up our artist: Duchamp string painting hope its ok since it has an interview with maryann kohl and a giveaway also in the same post.

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  2. Infant Bibliophile
    Infant Bibliophile at |

    She did a beautiful job!

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  3. about a girl
    about a girl at |

    Beautiful picture Bear painted! If you ever do get to Vancouver we'll have to get together!I linked up but then realised I put and extra i in Vivaldi arg! I couldn't see a way to take it off and start again.

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  4. Raising a Happy Chil
    Raising a Happy Chil at |

    I love it – I have never heard of this artist, but her pictures look beautiful, and so is Bear's take on the work.

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  5. Eva
    Eva at |

    wow I really like the final piece 🙂 I want to try out trees with my daughter too 🙂

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  6. Sunbeams and Sanity
    Sunbeams and Sanity at |

    Ahhhh! Now I know! I always did wonder why that name. And thanks for introducing me to a new artist. Will have to check her out. Interesting to hear about your background, do you still teach (apart from Bear!).Cheers, Jess

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  7. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    I have never heard of Emily Carr before. I love the contrast between the heaviness of the tree trunk and the movement of the leaves in Bear's painting! I'm so glad you started this meme!!!

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