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  1. Elle Belles Bows
    Elle Belles Bows at |

    Big decision! but I am sure she will adjust very well and continue to flourish. Best wishes! Kerri

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  2. about a girl
    about a girl at |

    Good for you for letting her go! Sometimes there's more to education than what we as mom's can teach. L is loving her school and I can see small changes(for the good)in her already.Sometimes it's good for them to look up to another person for learning as well.Lina was the same about not being able or wanting to talk about the work she was doing. I talked to her teacher yesterday and she's been doing so much more than I imagined.Thanks for the tips on the reading. We're going to try them out.

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  3. Dara
    Dara at |

    one of the hardest things for me is not knowing what my kids do at school. I imagine it would be harder with montessori, where each kid chooses their own work, as opposed to my kids' schools that send newsletters about what the class is doing. hopefully she will be able to tell you more as time goes on!

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  4. MaryAnne
    MaryAnne at |

    I think you are right to follow her lead. And I bet J-jo loves the time alone with you!

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  5. corecoloro and the i
    corecoloro and the i at |

    oh me, oh my… this is just what we have been through but our montessori in only 5 days and we just couldn't do it this year. like bear, my dd has been asking about the kids that go to school and what she will tell her teacher when she gets there. but i agree with the other comments that you just have to follow their lead. brave decisions on your part and on bear's. how can they be old enough to go to school??? weren't they just babies in swaddling a week ago? aiy.

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  6. Nicole {tired, need
    Nicole {tired, need at |

    Oh, what a tough decision! I really felt for you when you posted the little conversation you had with her, and how she can love you but not miss you, but you will miss her! I am there too – I can't believe Matthew is almost school-aged. We are already getting questions about whether he is in preschool or not. Sigh. We do more at home than he'd do in any preschool. Since my husband and I are not in agreement about whether to homeschool or not (I really want to!) I know there's a good chance he may be leaving me in a year or two. I'm not ready!!:( It makes it harder that Matthew doesn't want to go to school and wants to stay home with me – the thought of sending him off when he isn't eager to go just about kills me. Maybe we should trade kids? ;)Sorry to ramble!

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  7. Raising a Happy Chil
    Raising a Happy Chil at |

    I am curious how Bear likes school long term. I just had a funny conversation with Anna the other day when my husband mentioned that one of the families we know homeschools their two children. Anna asked what it means. I said that it means that they don't go to school and their mommy teaches them instead. Anna thought about it and said that she doesn't want to be homeschooled, that she likes her teachers and friends and things that they do in school. I am very happy that she feels that way, because for us homeschooling is definitely not an option at the moment.

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  8. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    I think 3 days a week is a nice compromise. That way she has time with you and make new friends. 🙂

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  9. The girl who painted
    The girl who painted at |

    Thank you all for your kind comments. Bear has not stopped talking about her three new friends.

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  10. Nicole
    Nicole at |

    *hugs* Sometimes following the child is hard, isn't it? It sounds like you made a really good decision for your family.

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  11. Steph
    Steph at |

    When PBug started preschool last year it was awful for me because she wouldn't share anything about her time at school. I was dying to know what she did! All she would tell me was who she played with and what she had for snack! I didn't really want to send her, but I know that it was the right decision. PBug started sharing a lot more once I stopped asking her 🙂

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  12. Counting Coconuts
    Counting Coconuts at |

    What a tough decision, but it sounds like you made a good choice based on what's right for your family. Does this mean you won't be taking the Montessori training course after all? It sounds like you'll still get to spend some time with Bear, which is great. Will she eventually go to school outside of home full time or will you homeschool? Or are you still undecided?

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