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  1. Glory Bea
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    Hi there. I love your blog and just want you to know I've put it on my blog list at http://learningjourneyjournal.blogspot.com

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  2. Raising a Happy Chil
    Raising a Happy Chil at |

    FIAR is definitely a terrific resource. Clearly you are having a lot of fun with it. Wish I had access to it when Anna was younger 🙂

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  3. hey
    hey at |

    I haven't used 5 in a Row, but a friend did and she really liked it. :)You know we have a passion for reading and books at waddlee-ah-chaa!jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

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  4. Olives and Pickles
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    Thanks for sharing!!I invite you to check out my giveaway.http://olivesandpickles.blogspot.com/2011/09/habla-espanol-speekee-review-and.htmlPatty

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  5. Glory Bea
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    Thank you so much for your inspirational blog. I just tagged you for a homeschool meme! Please play!http://learningjourneyjournal.blogspot.com/2011/09/homeschool-meme-thank-you-nancy.htmlBlessings,Glory

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