Fast Track Bible PackI am always eager to learn more about the Bible. One thing I love about my study Bible is the introduction page at the beginning of each chapter – that page which introduces the author, the number of chapters, the key verses, and main themes of the book of the Bible about to be read. The problem with my study Bible is that it is mammoth. Lugging it to the kitchen table from the nearby shelf is work enough. It is just not conducive to being carted around.

Enter Wizzy Gizmo’s Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament 

Wizzy Gizmo Review

We were sent the Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament to review. It is a Bible study tool that is meant for all ages (although the “baby to preschooler age” might not get as much out of it). The Fast Track Bible Pack cost $14.99 and is a set of 27 cards. Each 5×9 inch card contains a New Testament book summary, key chapters, passages, doctrines, and people. The scripture is taken from the New American Standard Bible. There is a summary card that lists all the New Testament books, their themes, the dates they were written, the author, and the number of chapters. I like this card for an overview.

The front of each card provides an overview to the book. It tells you who wrote the book, when it was written, why it was written, to whom it was written, as well as the major theme and key verse.

The back of the card allows you to dig deeper into the outline, key chapters, key passages, key doctrines, and key people of each Bible book of the New Testament.

I was very excited to receive the cards as I can rubber band them together and keep them with my Bible, and it still turns out to be lighter than my oversize, hardcover study Bible. However, I was skeptical as to how I could use these with my 5 and 7 year old. I happened to be on Wizzy Gizmo’s website and realized they give suggestions as to what to do with the cards. (Also, on the website, you can get a way closer-up view of the cards than my photos give.) I want you to visit the website, so I won’t go into detail about their suggestions for how to use the cards.

How We Used the Fast Track Bible Pack:

As suggested, we covered one card per week. My children are 5 and 7 so I focused on the suggestions for the 2-5 age group. We read the front of one card every day for one week. We also read a key verse, or doctrine from the back of the same card every day in that week. J-jo was not expected to memorize anything. Since Bear is older, I added a recommendation from the second age group for her and had her memorize the author, date of writing and number of chapters from the front of the card every day for a week. This is where that overview card came in handy to review the books learned the previous week.

What We Thought:

I love these for myself. The cards are sturdy and they are visually appealing – attractive, color-coded.

The kids enjoy holding them and reading the fronts, though they didn’t really want to hear me read the front of the card all week. As long as they were reading the cards out loud, they were interested. In writing this, I just thought of an idea to make listening to me read the cards more fun for my young children – do a rebus with the text, so as the week goes on, I could leave different words out for them to fill in as I read the front of the card.

How We May Use them in the Future:

I think maybe really learning a card well as you read a specific book of the Bible might work better for us as it would provide context for the card. These cards would go along well for anyone reading specifically from the New Testament – I am especially thinking of Ambleside Online users. We are reading Matthew right now in Year 2, so I may just decide to focus on the Matthew card as we read through the book of Matthew. I would pull out the Matthew card to review each time we sat to read from Matthew. It just might make more sense  to use the cards this way.

Oh, and if I were willing to spend some money, I could put these cards in a mini binder like the ones I have for one set of timeline cards.

Or, I could hole-punch the cards and put some rings in them, like I did for our other set of timeline cards.

My Final Thoughts:

Even though the Fast Track Bible Pack is not the best fit for my kids right now for their ages, we will continue to use them. It is a well-made, thoughtful product and I recommend the Fast Track Bible Pack as a great Bible study tool, especially if you think having a deeper knowledge of the books of the Bible is important to you and something you want to impart to your children.

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