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  1. MaryAnne
    MaryAnne at |

    I'm working on establishing more set chores, so it's really useful to see what works in your home!

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  2. Happy Mama
    Happy Mama at |

    My daughter who is 3 also helps set the table and clear it when we are done. She also put the silverware away when the dishwasher is done.

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  3. The girl who painted
    The girl who painted at |

    We don't use our dishwasher. Bear sometimes will put away dishes I have just dried if I remember to ask her:)

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  4. about a girl
    about a girl at |

    I'm so glad you wrote this post. Since L is so close in age to Bear it is very helpful to hear what she is doing. Sounds almost exactly the same as at our house. L used to set her own place she doesn't anymore, although she does clear it, scrape her food into the green bin and put her dishes in the dishwasher. She is expected to always put away her activity before she gets out something else and school has helped a lot with that.She also puts her laundry away unless my mom gets to it first and sometimes feeds the dog. She will also help with dusting a hoovering when she feels like it.We are finally moving into our own house next month and I can't wait to set up L's environment just how I want it.Soo funny about clothes not going in laundry when Daddy puts them to bed. Right now I'm looking at a top and dirty socks on the living room floor. LOL

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  5. Dara
    Dara at |

    I would love my 3.5 year old to do some of the things J-Jo does! He comes in the house and every time I have to remind him to take off his coat and hat. How should I get him to do it on his own, much less actually hang it on his hook?

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  6. The girl who painted
    The girl who painted at |

    @Dara – well, they both need reminders most of the time:) So I can't answer your question. @About a Girl – Bear does like to dust too; I forgot to mention that. And I felt super eager to set up our space when we lived with my inlaws for three months last January, so I know how you feel.

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  7. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    The list is very similar except we don't do a lot in the kitchen with her since most things are high up. Her closet is set up so she can dress herself in the morning and change into her jammies at night. Shoes go in the shoe closet, dirty clothes in the hamper and her coats are hung on her wall. It makes my life easier when she can do these things by herself. I rarely dress her anymore as she chooses her own clothes on most days. She gets paid to help with the laundry because she doesn't like to do it otherwise. I don't blame her. I should take pictures of our organization. And we can definitely work on making the kitchen more child friendly.

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  8. Raising a Happy Chil
    Raising a Happy Chil at |

    Great post. We just now added clothes selection and independent dressing (on the days when we don't need to rush anywhere) to the list of Anna's "jobs". The rest is similar to your list. We are "working on" clearing out one activity before starting another, especially in crafts.

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  9. Ticia
    Ticia at |

    I love the look of your shelves. Ours always get so messy.

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  10. Kylie
    Kylie at |

    Thanks. This helps. 🙂

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