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  1. The Park Family
    The Park Family at |

    Hi there! I just found your blog today. I am new to tutoring for CC and I just want to thank you for setting up your blog. it’s really amazing and so very helpful for someone new to tutoring. I am trying to figure out how I am going to set up my lesson plan for the beginning…do you happen to have a sample lesson plan(s) in how you go about teaching the various subjects? I ask because I’m new at this and I’m still trying to figure out how to go about this. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you could be of some assistance I would greatly appreciate it. I just subscribed to your blog. THanks again!

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  2. Raising a Happy Child
    Raising a Happy Child at |

    I wish Anna could be in your art class – it sounds wonderful. This is one thing that makes me unhappy about her public school – they managed to keep their music program (once every two weeks), but art is now a once-a-month program led by parent volunteers. Sad!

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  3. Brandy Ferrell
    Brandy Ferrell at |

    Great plans! Pinning you post now! Thank you for planning to include in the CC Blog Carnival! Blessings!
    Brandy at Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

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  4. The girl who painted trees
    The girl who painted trees at |

    Raising a Happy Child. That is so sad about the art being once a month. Art should be at least once a week!

    @ Brandy- thanks for pinning! Your blog is so inspiring!

    @The Park Family – I would be happy to do a blog post this week with sample tutor plans. Have you been to a tutor training yet? They do give lots of tips and ideas there. But it does help to see those tips and ideas come together cohesively.

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  5. Michelle Mygatt
    Michelle Mygatt at |

    Hi there! I am LOVING these posts, thank you. I will also be tutoring abecedarians this year, so this will be super-helpful. Question, since you’ve done this before — do you really have time for something like the “owl” project even in Week 1? Everyone’s telling me to keep it simple, but I LOVE these ideas and think it would be fun for the kids to do. Please let me know — are these what you will actually do in class or if maybe these are ideas more for home?

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  6. The girl who painted trees
    The girl who painted trees at |

    @Michelle, Yes, these are plans that I WILL use in class! Last year, I completely underplanned the art portion and I felt like there was a lot of wasted time. Week 1, especially, has lots of extra time to it, because there is nothing yet to review. They may not have time to color it in. If they don’t, maybe there will be extra time during another week. I would rather have too much planned and not get to a project, than plan too little, as happened last year. I didn’t like the feeling of being faced with 4 year olds who were done and by done I mean, done with being there with me (we had art LAST last year and the poor 4 year olds were so tired of having been there 3 hours that they just wanted to be back home playing). My hope is that having “big” directed projects will hold the now 5-yr-olds’ attention better.

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  7. Sharing Christ
    Sharing Christ at |

    I think I should already know this but what does it mean OiLS?

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  8. The girl who painted trees
    The girl who painted trees at |

    @Sharing Christ. It isn’t obvious, so thank you for asking – O is for circles, the i is for straight lines and dots, the L (Upper case) is for angled lines, and the S is for curved lines. These things are the basic elements of any drawing. A circle can be any rounded shape as long as it isn’t filled in, and the dot can be small or large – it is circles but filled in.

    Hope that helps!

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  9. Sharing Christ
    Sharing Christ at |

    Thank you. This helped a lot.

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  10. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    So appreciative of you sharing your plans! This will be my first year as a tutor and I have found all your posts immensely helpful!

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