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  1. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    While it sounds wonderful that CC exposes one to so many concepts, I’m glad we decided not to go with it. It would totally overwhelmed me as we have enough to do. I prefer to have some sort of logical sequence as our framework and then let that lead us to unbeaten paths of discovery. With that said, I love the selection of books you’ve chosen!

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  2. Raising a Happy Child
    Raising a Happy Child at |

    I am with JL, but then if I were really homeschooling, I’d probably go with something like what you chose. I got SOTW on CD, and Anna is loving it. We might get a little more in depth on certain topics using You Wouldn’t Want to… books – they have some on ancient civilizations.

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  3. Jennifer Baker
    Jennifer Baker at |

    Hi! I am so thankful for your resources you posted. I was wondering…do you have posts for any of the weeks after 8 in Cycle 1? I only found through week 8.

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