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  1. bella
    bella at |

    excellent plan Julie . Love it . thanks for sharing xxx viv

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  2. Hayley
    Hayley at |

    THANK YOU! I totally bombed at tin whistle last year because I couldn't come up with a plan that flowed well for me. This is perfect!

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  3. Tonia Darge
    Tonia Darge at |

    This has been super helpful for me this year!!! Thanks for taking the time to put your lesson plans together!

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  4. Tonia Darge
    Tonia Darge at |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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  5. joannamccall
    joannamccall at |

    Thank you, thank you! I wasn't sure how to pull this off, either. I am totally going with your plan.

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  6. Two Become Three
    Two Become Three at |

    i cannot find the large print Mary had a little lamb anywhere. this would be so helpful for tutoring my apprentices!

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  7. Keli
    Keli at |

    Hi 😉 I love your lesson plan – thank you so much. I'm tutoring Abecedarian's and this is very helpful! I'm looking for the large print 'Mary had a little lamb' like the picture you have posted in your lesson plan. Can you lead me to where I can find it? I've made an exhaustive search on CC Connected and couldn't find it. Many thanks 🙂

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  8. Laura Chastain
    Laura Chastain at |

    Same issue with Mary had a little Lamb. Help!

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  9. The girl who painted
    The girl who painted at |

    @ Laura and Keli – I am no longer on CC Connected, so cannot locate it for you to tell you. I'm so sorry. I did have trouble myself finding it on CC Connected – I remember I had to basically just look down all the tin whistle files and I downloaded a bunch of stuff that wasn't what I wanted in the process. I looked on my computer to see if I still had it, but couldn't find it.

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  10. kevinsgirl
    kevinsgirl at |

    Thank you ever so! It’s my first year tutoring too, never having been in foundations before! You have a great blog–I clicked around. 🙂

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  11. TriciaJacobs
    TriciaJacobs at |

    Can you please tell me where I can find the “foundations” book you refer to in your article? Thanks

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  12. Danielle
    Danielle at |

    Thanks so much for these lesson plans! The You Tube video is so helpful. I’m a musician, but have been super nervous about the craziness of trying to teach 4’s and 5’s to play (it’s my 1st year tutoring)! I love how she says she just wants to “give them a little bit of success.” That will help me have reasonable expectations, haha…

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  13. sherri
    sherri at |

    hi! thank you for your lesson plans! are the Mary had a little lamb worksheets available?

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  14. Erika Wilcox
    Erika Wilcox at |

    Hi Julie, where did you find the CC Foundations song library?

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  15. Paula Johnson
    Paula Johnson at |

    Do you have a strategy for teaching the “right hand notes?” My First graders (6-7 years) have trouble remembering to keep their top (left hand) fingers down on the top holes when playing the bottom (right hand notes).

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  16. Paula Johnson
    Paula Johnson at |

    Do you have a strategy for teaching the bottom (right hand notes)? My First Graders (6-7 years old) have trouble remembering to keep their top, left-hand holes covered when playing the bottom, right-hand notes?

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