Color Collages

Lesson: Color Collages

Learning Objective: To reinforce the names of different colors and the ability to recognize colors.


Construction paper of different colors


Old magazines or photographs



It is best to focus on one color at a time, perhaps one per week or one per day.

1. Choose the color you will work on. That is the color construction paper you will need.

2. Go through the magazines with your child to find pictures of that color.

3. You or your child (depending on skill level) cut the pictures out of the magazine.

4. Glue the pictures on the construction paper.

5. Write the name of the color on the collage and display.

1. Once you have multiple color collages, a physical activity you can do is to hang the collages on the walls around a room in your house, call out a color and have your LO run, skip, walk, twirl, crawl, etc. to the color you called out.

2. Present your LO with paint samples (of a single color – the Mickey Mouse ones from Home Depot would work well, but you can just cut regular ones apart) and ask your LO to sort them, using the color collages as sorting mats. Depending on the level of your LO, you may choose to use only a couple colors at a time. You could actually sort any objects of color onto these “mats.”

3. You can use these collages to play “I Spy.” (My daughter loves this extension.)

Note: I made these collages for Bear when she was only 10 months old and was not at the point to be able to help me much. I have used them more to do the extension activities and also just to have up on her playroom wall. She likes to point out pictures on the collages.

Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.