Continents Cube

Here’s a fun way to practice continents.  I found that Bear knew her continents really well on flat maps, but on a globe, she sometimes had trouble figuring out the difference between the Americas versus Europe and Africa.  She wasn’t making the distinction between the two masses.  So I made a cube with cardboard from our numerous moving boxes, lined the cube with blue paper and printed out the outlines of the continents.  Then I put packing tape around the whole thing.  

Bear enjoys throwing the cube and figuring out which continent comes up top.  Then we locate the continent on a map, or the globe, and sometimes pull out the animal cards and plastic animals (I still need to get plastic animals for Australia and Asia) and find those that live in the continent we rolled.

I’ve been debating whether to get a Montessori continents map.  Part of me thinks that I’ve already been able to teach her the continents just fine without it, but then I see posts like this one at My Montessori Journey and it makes me very tempted to get that map!
Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.