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  1. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    I love your journal entries ~ they remind me so much of the Daybook entries I used to do on my family blog. I always loved the creating entry, though, because I love to create (lesson plans and dinners count!!!), but I do struggle when it comes to other categories! {Like the rewarding one – I have to really think on that during the week}. Thanks for the link to Don't Waste the Crumbs – I added it to my reader. I'm really excited about reading more – we often do challenges like that but with a little more of a budget (for a family of 8), when we need to save money for other things. I have a lot of dried foods stored that we should be eating anyways. Will you do a post on HOD Preparing? I never really found a level that would work for us, but I am anxious to hear how you like Preparing. That is the level I think Malachi would place in, but we are over half way through CHOW, and I like SOTW and MOH, and not sure I can add them to HOD. (And keep them together). Hope you have a nice rest of your week! 🙂

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  2. The girl who painted
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    Thanks, Michelle. I will try to do a post on HOD in January, after we have used it for at least 2 weeks! So far, I like the short lessons. I like the poetry. She really teaches the poetry well, that first week, anyway. They learn verses, stanzas, rhyme schemes. I mean, it's all stuff I have done while reading poetry, but I like that it is in the curriculum. I also like the character trait (persistence) and how it is tied to all parts of the curriculum in the first week. I am not so thrilled with the science so far – the first experiment is a sink/float one and I feel all kids should know that by this point (it is a guide for 7-9, after all). There is a lot of writing though. Today we did definitions and Bear complained and it was hard for her, but the rest of the day, she was using those words in sentences in talking to us. So I guess it paid off. I am not following their math and J-jo is following the emerging reader section, and we are doing our own thing for Language Arts. I will be more detailed, with photos etc in the post. Bear is still reading STOW on her own or with me at bedtime, but we are no longer doing written narrations for it. I don't want to do STOW 4 with her yet either b/c I feel she's a bit young for it but we are almost done STOW 3, which is part of the reason we are using HOD right now (or trying it at least).

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  3. Sarah
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    I hear you on the "creating" entry. I usually have to dig for that one too. I am so impressed that you are still schooling! We've been on break already (cough) for a little while. 😉 I really should keep up the reading with Snap, though.I hope your final week of Advent is lovely!

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