Daybook – January 13, 2014

Outside My Window: 
We had such warm weather Saturday and Sunday.  We were able to get some authentic vitamin D and ride bikes outside.  

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In the Schoolroom:
This is our second week back.  Last week was really hard.  Bear just kept digging her heels about math and becoming quite temperamental about never doing math, ever.  The irony is that the math is easy for her.  She just doesn’t care to sit there and figure it all out.  We started the week with Life of Fred today so she could ease herself into the week.  Tomorrow is her Saxon math day and I am praying it goes well.  I’ve learned, through trying a whole bunch of math programs, that they are all beasts to her (except beloved Fred). 

All About ReadingJ-jo is reading very well, now, thanks to All About Reading.  We tried so many reading curricula with him, trying to find a good fit. So many worked for a bit and then stopped working, but All About Reading is the one that he is excited about and keeps asking for.  After we finished AAR 1 (which we had gotten to review two years ago when he wasn’t ready for it), I hemmed and hawed about purchasing AAR 2 (only because of the price) and in the end, I am so glad we did.  We’re already halfway through level 2, which we got at the beginning of December and will definitely be getting level 3.  He reads confidently enough that I could skip 3, but I love the reading comprehension activities provided within the curriculum.  I love that I know I am not skipping anything and I am reassured knowing he won’t have any gaps.  

From the kitchen:
I made spaghetti sauce last minute last night.  It’s stock-full of vegetables (celery, green pepper, zucchini, carrots, and pumpkin) and then pureed so it’s still chunky, but none of the offending vegetables are visible.  I base my recipe off this one, but I make it meatless and sometimes have to use different veggies.

For a friend’s mom who is getting an operation later this month, and for the homeless people who are out in the cold.  

My next series of posts on Homeschooling Essentials for next week.  I may not post much this week in preparation for this series.

On my nightstand:
I am so excited about the books I just ordered yesterday! I can’t wait until they arrive.  Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child and Desiring the Kingdom. I will be joining Mystie’s Desiring the Kingdom book club.  It’s a little daunting all the reading I will have to do to catch up to them since I am slated to get my book only at the end of the week, but I am looking forward to it. In the meantime, I am finishing up C.S. Lewis’ A Grief Observed.  It’s just so relevant right now considering I’d be 40 weeks pregnant this week. 

Clicking Around:
I enjoyed Brandy’s post on What Poetry Looks Like.  Ironically enough, I found it after my series on poetry.  She has a great post on Memorization, as well.
Candace has a post featuring an Olympics chalk pastel resource for those of you needing ideas for the upcoming Winter Olympics.  Make sure to check out my Russia Learning Activities post, too.

In the works:
I took tons of photos today so there’s a Day in the Life post coming your way tomorrow.

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  1. Candace
    Candace at |

    Thanks for sharing about our chalk pastels here! 🙂 I love the day book posts!!

    Reply to Candace
  2. min
    min at |

    I love your posts about Russia. I borrowed many of the books from your list and they were excellent! We didn't do any activities related to it but the reading alone was great.

    As for math, we are in the same situation which is why we took over a month off to do just Life of Fred which she loves and play Monopoly every day. She does math based on the real world but does not like to fill in workbook pages. If we do Singapore, I just do a chapter of the text and ask her to do one or two problems. That's it. At least, she's not hating it like she used to. She simply does not like repetition so I don't push it. She seems to enjoy playing games on Dreambox. I still think Miquon is better for her so I might do that again with her. She seems to like open-ending problems where she can exercise her creativity. Singapore is too dry.

    Reply to min