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  1. Lori
    Lori at |

    Thank you for sharing the Apologia Exploring Creation Series. It sounds wonderful. I'm going to look into it. We also love the toobs. My kids love having the little models to play with or act out along side their learning. It helps them remember information too. That magnet set looks fun too. Glad you linked up. Have a great Sunday!

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  2. Natalie F
    Natalie F at |

    Great resources. We mostly do interest-based science here lately. I am curious what science curriculum will look like this year in the second grade.

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  3. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    I've been looking out for a microscope. Yours look very different than any ones I've seen. Where did you purchase it and how do you like it?

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  4. Discovering Montesso
    Discovering Montesso at |

    We shared a lot of the same favorites this week! I have been interested in checking out Apologia's science curriculum books, they look like something my son would be interested in. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Ticia
    Ticia at |

    Those are all resources we love too. We have a different microscope, but I'm trying to decide if we need a better one.

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  6. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    Although we aren't starting it until Labor Day week, we are also using Apologia for science – "Exploring Creation through Astronomy" this year. I spent so much time looking for a great science program that was detailed and thorough, yet not above their heads. It's a hard balance to find – there is so much almost written *down* to kids, when they also need to be challenged. The girls are excited to begin their notebooks!

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  7. Expedition Montessor
    Expedition Montessor at |

    Great post!We love the little Safari Toob animals for lots of lessons too. we did something similar with the Arctic Toob and ice "glaciers" my son loved it. Snap circuits are also a favorite.I love your blog and added you to my favorite blog list athttp://expeditionmontessori.blogspot.com/

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