Her geography nook is two upturned boxes covered with a cloth next to our dining table. On these “tables” are her volcano and a little volcano booklet we printed from the Crayola website, her continent map and poems, and two of the Montessori landforms (island and lake).

In her room is her nature table. On it are the jars of dead bugs we have collected, a turquoise eggshell and a feather we found, a magnifying glass, dried leaves and flowers pressed between contact paper, her rock and gravel collection, some bark, and various seeds she has collected. Her five senses tray is on this table as well right now. I would like to have nice polished rocks and gems, as well as seashells for this table. These body puzzles are also on my wishlist

She has a shelf of science and animal books in our library/office, and also a small shelf in her room. The shelf of science books in the library are a bit over her head, but she likes to look at the pictures.

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Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.