Goals for Bear

Reading a couple of blogs, 1+1+1=1 for one, and a few others, I realized that maybe I too should have goals for my LO.

SO here they are, my goals for Bear at 19 months:

1. colors
2. shapes
3. body parts

She knows most of her colors already in English. I have been working hard with her on those (in fun ways). We started working on shapes a couple of weeks ago. She can recognize the circle and the square and sometimes the triangle.

There are some fun shape songs here. Bear especially likes the one to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell. I even made up my own verses for the diamond and oval. She loves the circle song because of the words “round and round,” which she says while making her arms roll around each other.

The other day I was asking her to show me different body parts and she knew most of them, but I’d like to reinforce that and also add a few more harder-to-remember body parts such as ankles and wrists.

The challenge with Bear is that we speak three languages with her: English, Spanish, and French. I speak to her in English and French and my husband in Spanish. She understands directions in all three. As I have two languages to teach her, I find it hard to know what is best for her. I have decided for now to focus on speaking English to her as I am keen for her to start talking and feel that if I focus on English, she won’t get as confused. As she begins to gain confidence with saying more words, I will switch to speaking more French. That’s not to say I don’t speak French to her anymore, just less often. We listen mostly to French music in the car and we have a few French books we read (but not many). I was surprised the other day, though, at how many body parts she could point to when I said them in French and my husband in Spanish. Tots truly are sponges just soaking up everything. If anyone has suggestions or is in a similar multilingual household, I’d love to hear from you.

Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.