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  1. brandymelissa
    brandymelissa at |

    I have learned this lesson the hard way myself! In fact, I will be writing about this topic on Friday. Great Post.

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  2. min
    min at |

    In our house, change is the norm. 🙂

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  3. Claire Allen
    Claire Allen at |

    Thank-you for this post. I was also really upset when I realised I wouldn't be able to go all-out with Sonlight, and then with Montessori, so it's really comforting to know that other mothers have been down a similar road. I now realise I have climbed so much higher than either of these by embracing my current curriculum, which I love more than words can say: A combination of Seton (for the Catholic side of things) and Memoria Press (for the Humanities/Liberal Arts/Classical/ALL-TIME BEST for millenia, side of things! *chuckles!!* (I always devour all their articles in their Classical Teacher magazine, when it comes in the mail! ) It's awful to think that there was an entire worldwide method of educating the human being, since the dawn of time, but which I missed out on receiving, by being raised on public school books! But now I get to begin the thrilling adventure of discovering it all with my children, whilst finishing my own education at the same time!

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  4. Nicole @ Journey to
    Nicole @ Journey to at |

    Yes, planning is the key, but being able to ditch or modify the plan is even more important! We had a day like that yesterday where we had to modify or plan because we weren't feeling well. But, that's okay because we just added a couple of those things to today.

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  5. 3gigglygirlsathome
    3gigglygirlsathome at |

    I love the statement about flexibility being able to stop and admire the sights along the way. Flexibility is a learned trait, I have found, and the amount of learning I need is always changing! About the time I feel pretty good about, something comes along that challenges my flexibility again. Great post. I enjoyed it a lot.

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  6. Claire Allen
    Claire Allen at |

    Yes, I have some of their elementary level Latin books, and the audio CDs that go with them, and I'm really looking forward to getting their English Grammar workbooks for 3rd grade on up! They look so much simpler, yet thorough, than most of the other complicated grammar programs out there! (And FAR easier than the Seton ones, by the looks of things) I go by all of their Literature Book Lists too and I looooove their Teacher Guides on the KEY famous classical works such as The Iliad and The Odyssey, Famous Greek Myths, etc. I have their beautiful Greek Alphabet book too ~ Everything they offer is just the highest quality, and yet accessible to any age students! *happy smiles!!*

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  7. Heather
    Heather at |

    Great topic! I think being flexible equates being teachable. There are lessons which the Lord desires to teach us and if we are so set on what we have on the planner, we can so miss it. ~Heather @ Principled Academy/ the Crew

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