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  1. min
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    Great post! I too like to plan but I also get distraught when it does not go as planned or we don't get everything done. So, I've learned to have general ideas of what I want us to do but don't plan everything out. Then I look at what our daughter is interested in and see if they match up with my ideas. If so, we go ahead and do the readings/activities. Then it goes in my plan book as completed. I do this until I get all the subjects covered. Checklists are my favorite tools. DD7 likes them do. As for the things that do not get done, I always tell myself, "There is always tomorrow."

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  2. Lisa M @ Farm Fresh
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    Yes yes yes! LOL! This year I made it a goal to have at least ONE full week planned out by Monday and thus far I've kept that and it makes my homeschooling role as teacher so much easier!

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  3. Laura O'Neill (
    Laura O'Neill ( at |

    I love that you included having to plan for failure to happen.

    As for tracking, I love Homeschool Tracker Plus as it's digital for long term records, but I can print out checklists for the boys and myself as needed. However, it isn't pretty and I know some people just don't like learning a new software program.

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  4. brandymelissa
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    I love planning. I get so excited when I start to lay out plans for our new school year. Of course, I have learned to plan in pencil because life has taught me that things don't always go according to plan! However, I feel like having our general direction laid out helps keep us going when things get rough.

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  5. sarahelisabeth
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    I like the planning to fail-that is such a useful concept as things rarely go quite to plan!

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  6. Nicole
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    We could be twins in our personality! If I don't plan, then those workbooks become too easily at our house, too. And those weeks make me feel so guilty.

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  7. 3gigglygirlsathome
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    Earlier in this year, I tried to plan every single activity, every single day. I was driving myself batty! I am not a planner by nature. At the beginning of Jan, I decided that I needed to scale back on that since it didn't really help us at all. I have started planning a general week, since we often do the same thing every day. Much better and we are all so much calmer.

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  8. Heather
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    I love this post! Our homeschool tends to go with a core subject each day, but I love the idea of *loop scheduling*! Thanks for sharing about it! ~Heather @ Principled Academy/ the Crew

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  9. lcourtneymom4
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    I think planning is so important! I used organization/planning as one of my essentials.

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