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  1. heather
    heather at |

    Oooh, I haven't heard of "How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare". I own a copy of "The Noah Plan Literature Guide" and there is a wonderful section in there for teaching about Shakespeare. I'll have to look into that book you mentioned- it sounds like it may be a great addition to our homeschool.

    Thanks for sharing your list of essentials! ~Heather @ Principled Academy/ the Crew

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  2. Kylie
    Kylie at |

    Does Story of the World have Biblical/religious undertones?

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  3. 3gigglygirlsathome
    3gigglygirlsathome at |

    I love your list of resources. Thorough and yet easy to read through. I also love The Well-Trained Mind. We have been debating about the Life of Fred series so I'll check out the pricing through Rainbow Resources and Amazon. Thanks for the tip!

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