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  1. brandymelissa
    brandymelissa at |

    We don't have an iPad, but I wish we did!

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  2. 3gigglygirlsathome
    3gigglygirlsathome at |

    Sometimes, I wish we had an iPad. After reading through this post, now is one of those times. Thanks for sharing how you use such a wonderful piece of technology.

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  3. Michelle G.
    Michelle G. at |

    I want one!!! 🙂

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  4. LaRee
    LaRee at |

    I discovered just how essential my iPad really IS to OUR homeschool, when I accidentally left it at a friend's house 4 hours from home. She quickly mailed it to me, but I definitely missed it while I was without it.

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  5. mwfinchwren
    mwfinchwren at |

    Hi Julie!

    Thanks for mentioning "Meet the Masters"….that's a new art app for me! And I am so impressed that your dh wrote a fitness app. Good for him!

    Have y'all ever tried Magic Piano? My son and I like to play with it every now and then. (He has been taking piano for 6 years, whereas I……sang in choir and…played the clarinet. For one year.) It has free songs and paid ones (can you guess which ones we use?) It sends little dots of light down the screen and you tap them….which plays songs for you. Classical, worship, Christmas, current pop songs. It has been fun for us…and the closest this side of heaven I'll probably ever be to a piano player!

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  6. Emilee
    Emilee at |

    We have two iPads. I haven't used them for the ideas you mentioned, but I think now I will because they are great! I use "my iPad" (I use the word "my" loosely because the kids often use that one as well) to use the Homeschool Helper App which tracks our schedule, grades, daily lessons, etc. I have homeschooling/educational apps on both iPads. Some correspond to the computer work, so one can be on the computer while the other is on the iPad. They really are a blessing to our homeschool.

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  7. Pamela Barnhill
    Pamela Barnhill at |

    Seven minute workout hmmm? Ok I bit and bought that one! Thanks for the shout-out on the countertops. We love our iPad for school.

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  8. Candace
    Candace at |

    Julie – LOVE this post!! I had pinned it but had not had time to read it til now. 🙂 I'm going to check out your husband's app. And, so, how cool is that, your husband can create an app!?!?!

    I also am intrigued by the flashcard thing…we use Prima Latina also so I'm going to check that out! 🙂

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  9. Dawn @ Guiding Light
    Dawn @ Guiding Light at |

    We just got an iPad so we are searching for good apps. Thank you for your post!

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