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  1. Melissa S
    Melissa S at |

    Thank you for sharing everything with us Julie! Your posts have always been so helpful. I found your site when I was researching all I could on Montessori at home for my older child. I ended up not doing Montessori because it was extremely overwhelming to me and I felt I couldn’t really do it without the proper training. And the cost of the materials was well, just too much. So I began to look at Classical approach and Charlotte Mason (Ambleside Online) and I loved AO a lot, but I really wanted something that gave me the lesson plans, I felt I needed that. So I went with a Classical Christian boxed curriculum that has great reviews and it had great books with it. Well…my son hates it! It is very rigorous and lots of workbooks and sitting for long periods of time to get it done. :-/ It has not been working out for us so I am loosely doing it now just to keep up with something. I keep going back to Ambleside Online though. I have gotten some of the books from the Year 1 list and we have loved them. I was happy to see you were also doing it. I’ve been thinking of doing Classical Conversations too and your review was very helpful. I think for now we won’t be doing it. I may just decide to do AO finally. I hope you continue to update your blog with how you guys are getting a long with it. I have read so many people feel a sigh of relief when they finally jump in to Ambleside Online.

    Thank you,

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  2. Karen @ The Simply Blog
    Karen @ The Simply Blog at |

    I’m currently finishing up AO Year 1 with my youngest daughter and my oldest daughter has completed several of the upper AO years. We came to AO when she was about to enter high school. She is currently finishing up her 11th grade year which I’ve used some of AO Year 11 for. 🙂 I love AO!

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    1. Marilyn R
      Marilyn R at |

      Karen, I have a boy about to start 9th grade and am scrambling to figure out what will be right and best. Can you share more about AO? I didn’t really notice much in the way of high school level stuff. i’ll have to go back and look at their website again. Is it all online coursework?

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