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  1. Collette
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    Hi there. I hope your pregnancy is progressing well and that you are beginning to feel better…it sounds like from this post you are at least mobile? I want to ask if J-jo has learned to read mostly from All About Reading? We are trying to teach reading with ours using 100 easy lessons…I find it slow and not very "sticky." Any advice? I very much appreciate your blog! Hang in there, mama.

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  2. The girl who painted
    The girl who painted at |

    Hi Colette,J-jo has not learned to read strictly from AAR. I started by teaching him letter sounds on my own and also via My Father's World Kindergarten (which we modified and did when he was 2.5 to 3). Then I started on the Montessori pink series for a bit, did a few lessons of AAR 1 (but he wasn't interested) and just general word and letter play. Then when he could read cvc words, he just read Bob books to me for a long time. The third big box of Bob books from Costco increases in difficulty very rapidly and he wasn't as successful. He didn't want to read the books anymore, so I went back to the AAR 1 that I had gotten to review. We skipped to where I felt he was and now I am debating buying AAR 2. I think he could just jump to 3. It is expensive though and we have lots of medical bills right now. I may just go back to The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, though it is a bit boring and tedious and I have to bribe him to do those lessons. So, if money were not an issue, I would definitely choose AAR. It works best for him.

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