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  1. Min
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    Love this post! I couldn’t agree more with everything on this post. Homeschooling is a lot about nurturing relationships, character, connections, and helping them become their best selves. What good is knowledge without wisdom? I feel that the academics is the easier part. Life learning is so much harder. It’s easy to run with it when you see your child getting things quickly (so exciting especially during the early years!) but education is not a race. There is no point in getting to the finish line quicker than everybody else. But at the same time, children need and want challenges. Thankfully, we can go deep instead of just racing through the curriculums. I feel privileged to just be able to spend quality time together.

    It sounds like you had a fruitful convention! Thanks for sharing the blessings!

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  2. Diane
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    I saw you at the convention more than once in the vendor hall. I knew I recognized you but couldn’t put it all together. We are fellow CREW members.Now I really wish I had stopped you and introduced myself. I only drove up for the day to speak with some of the vendors and look at a few items. I really wish I had gotten to see Matt Walsh speak but I did buy the CD to listen to later.

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