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  1. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    Teaching reading is still a mystery to me. By the time I introduced sounds, blends, sight words, K alreade knew it. I still do not know how she figured out how to sound out longer words. We are just starting to do more phonics for spelling. Up to now, she only knew the vowel consonant e rule. Some kids just learn to read by having read to them. Her reading began with pretend reading. It all depends on how your child learns. When I broke things down and said,"c-a-t", she had no attention for it. But she remembered longer words because they interested her.

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  2. tidbits
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    when i used to teach, I would do a lot of moveable alphabet even if they were reading, I found it helps build a solid base and it always reaffirms what is being learnt. Also, bob books and mac and tab were great I went back to those if I found a pattern in specific blends that they were having a hard time to grasp. hope this helps. for the moveable alphabet they made the word then wrote it out and and said it as they did.

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  3. Mommy to the Princes
    Mommy to the Princes at |

    We had a similar chopping problem with 'd', 't', etc. One thing that helped us with smooth blending was to sing the sounds. D(4) still sings her sounds out of habit if she is trying to read a new word! We did something's out of order with the Dwyer scheme as we started originally with the PBG scheme. My personal opinion is that it has not affected her reading or spelling abilities. Now that I know about this scheme I intend to stick with the Dwyer plan for M(18 mo) let's see!

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  4. The girl who painted
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    @Mommy to the Princesses – I'd love to see that singing in action. I am having a hard time trying to do it:) I love the Dwyer scheme – it is so sequential – but do think that it is helpful to certain children to see the letters as they learn the sounds. Obviously, it didn't hurt Bear's learning of reading, so although I don't intend to do PBG with J-jo, I do still show him the letters as we work on all 40 sounds.

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  5. magda(c)
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  6. Miss Jae
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    Hi Julie! Received your reply and thank you so much for the links you provided. So excited to try it with my son. For now he loves to read books with me and do a lot of pretend reading… which I guess is very important.I also love the fact that I learn a lot from the comments. Thanks!

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  7. Alycia in Va.
    Alycia in Va. at |

    We followed a Montessori method but daughter was a very early reading. In the very beginning we started down the aweful path of Doman Method and I do think it increased her ability to memorize quickly. Anyway, just give it time. He's still very young and blending can take months to master or "click".Aly in Va.

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  8. Mommy to the Princes
    Mommy to the Princes at |

    Let me try and get a video of D blending a word and post it.

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  9. The girl who painted
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    @Alycia – Bear (girl – 4) is reading very well and got past blending problems. She is now reading 3rd and 4th grade books. J-jo (boy – 2) is still only learning his letter sounds and no where near learning blending. Just thought I would put that here because the post was a bit confusing.

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  10. The girl who painted
    The girl who painted at |

    @MttP – That would be great!!

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