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  1. Sylvia
    Sylvia at |

    Looks like a great plan! We do much of the same. We enjoy the LTP daily prayer book. We like to use Shower of Roses blog for ideas on how to celebrate the liturgical year: http://showerofroses.blogspot.com/ For scripture memorization we use Memoria Press Christian Studies- very Catholic friendly. We don't use the workbook but after reading we do the questions orally (I have the teacher guide). We memorize the scripture form a Catholic bible and read in both the Golden's Children bible and regular bible. Instead of doing the workbook the kids write a summary of each lesson and draw. By the end of the program they will then have their own narrated picture bible. We use the beautifully illustrated Seton workbooks and Baltimore catechism for daily catechism study. Before the Seton workbooks we used the Angel Food readers with the catechism. You can find a schedule for using the readers here: http://4real.thenetsmith.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=

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  2. Andrea B
    Andrea B at |

    This is helpful! Thank you for your post. Prayer and Liturgical Year are our weakest areas

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  3. Mary Jo
    Mary Jo at |

    Very good post and very helpful for those of us just starting out with Catholic teachings at home. Thanks for the other blog and book recommendations too. 🙂

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