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I learned about loop schedules from Sarah of Amongst Lovely Things. She has a great post on it and she also mentions it in her book, Teaching from Rest.

Basically, you just list the tasks or subjects you want to tackle and then do them in order, regardless of what day it is. If there is a task you want to get done more frequently, write it more often on the list. Hence on my list you will see spelling repeated. Usually we get two chunks done each day, which means we can get writing and grammar done on one day and spelling and reading done on the other. However, some days are shortened by doctor’s appointments and field trips, and on those days we get done what we can and just pick up where we left off on the list the next day.

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Here’s how looping works for us for home schooling.

What we loop:

Language Arts Loop


Vocabulary used to be looped in, but now gets done daily for a shorter time. We are finding retention to be better this way.


This we loop first thing in the morning, after reading the Bible and praying.

Angel Food Readers (We have all 4 and also a document that correlates the stories there with the catechism)
Saint book read aloud
King of the Golden City read aloud  (This one comes with discussion questions and is excellent, but we also listen to the audio version in the car.)
My Path to Heaven
First Communion by Mother Loyola

Do you use loop schedules during your day?

PS. Sarah’s book comes with an audio component that is just wonderfully inspiring when you are feeling discouraged with homeschooling (or even when you are not) and she is offering Andrew Kern’s conversation on Teaching from Rest as a free download. Please go listen to it and consider buying her book. I like to reread it when I feel overcome with it all. It’s also a great read for those first time homeschool moms who are completely overwhelmed by the plethora of choices available to them. Sarah puts it all in perspective.

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