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  1. min
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    My heart just dropped when I read that Bear has Lyme and then you. I have one friend whose daughter has Lyme and they are having a difficult time because the daughter is allergic to all the antibiotics. We went camping last summer and my friend discovered that her 2 year old son had a tick behind his ear. They tested to see if it carried Lyme but thankfully, it didn’t. I once found a tick on my belly when I volunteered for beach clean up day. Now I’m wondering if I have it too because all the symptoms you’ve listed are too familiar. Thanks for sharing the videos. I will have to do some research.

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  2. min
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    Just finished watching the video. I am sorry about your diagnosis. I hope and pray that it can be treated properly for both you and Bear.

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  3. Sarah Mackenzie
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    Julie! You’ve GOT to be kidding- this is heartbreaking! I’ll be praying for you all. I’m glad you uncovered the mystery, though I’m sure it’s devastating all the same. :(

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