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  1. Lisa M. @ Farm Fresh
    Lisa M. @ Farm Fresh at |

    Great review! I hope that Bear will continue to surprise you! I enjoyed it for myself as well!

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  2. Min
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    We get free Mango through the public library but K enjoys DuoLingo (also free) on her iPad. Aside from that, she enjoys Rosetta Stone and we do Pimsleur during our short car rides. One thing about learning languages is that every bit does add up even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. So, hang in there!

    We are learning Spanish and Korean but have tried learning Mandarin in the past.

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  3. gasthausramstein
    gasthausramstein at |

    I am excited for you about Bear! I’m wondering though how much that the program has to do with it, and how much it is because she’s exposed to it through a native speaker at home. I speak German ok, but am not fluent, though my family all swears I am (REALLY I’m NOT) and I’m thinking of trying this program both for my 16 yo and my almost 8 yo. I don’t want anything too intense for the 8 yo. Do you think it is necessary to be done every day for optimal results or will 3 times a week suffice?

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  4. Viviane
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    Hi Julie i just found your post on french learnign and I like to share what worked for me and my kids . By the time they were really fluent with english reading writing , i picked a cp ( grade 1 ) school french book ( leo et Lea ) it is phonic based program thatt teaches kids to read phonetically . of course reading was very easy for my kids and our focus was more on learning new vocabulary with each lesson , practice spelling rules ,… and learning beauttiful french cursive writing along the way . Just tone book and one workbook , 50 lessons . we went slowly first , i made sure to translate new words in the lesson to english as we go so they can understand them. we took as long as needed with one lesson so the kids can read and tell me back what happens in the story . the lessons are so sweet like short picture book . Once we read thte lesson together my kids were able to do the worksheet on their own . Matti six is still working with them book but it is amazing how much french vocabulary he is retaining . To help him more i just cut up an old picture dictionary and made up enormous amount of picture word flash cards we just play with them . The way I progressed with tina , after finishing Leo et lea I got her a pack of lecture silencieuse level CE2 we actually skipped one level , they are so similar to writing with ease , each lesson is a selection from a classic the child is supposed to read it then answer few questions , cross words which helps practice vocabulary and definitions . we did about 15 lessons together then tina took off reading the lesson on her won and answering the questions independently. At this stage I really need them to become more independent in their french learning so i just placed a big order from rue des ecoles you can find them online , they offer novels by grade level and every chapter has comprehension questions , i know tina will be able to go through them on her own and i will help matti in the beginning after we are done leo et lea . I am really happy how we progressed with our french and to encourage them to speak it more I got a french dad to come once twice a week for one hour and talk to them , play game read books . With me i found we always go back and forth to english and if kids get stuck it is easy for them to switch to english to express their thoughts . With him they are working hard on communicating their thoughts in French , if they make a mistake or cannot find their words he would help them . Of course I am still working daily with them on reading grammar writing but you cannot imagine how much those 2 hours a week helped them finally use the language , they know they can only speak french with him and they are enjoying it . I am so happy I was chatting with him and asked him what he think of tina’s level in french ( he is the husband of a french school teacher and the dad of an11 years old going to the french school and he is very hands on helping his son with his school work ) I was so happy when he told me other than a bit of weakness with conjugaison , feminin and masculin which can easily be taught even many french school kids have problem with those , he said tina can fit in a french classroom at her age level and do perfectly well . Of course we wouldnt have this problem if our focus is only on french but our main homeschooling is in english and there is not enough time in the day to run 2 full curriculums in both languages ,one would have to suffer a bit , she is working above age level in English and i did slow her down a bit in French not giving her too much advance material so she can have strong base . I even went back and bought a CE1 grammar book to work through and fill up some gaps when her reading level in french is 2 years more . I didn’t rush to finish leo et lea in one year , it took us I think one and a half year but by the time we finished it tina could read and write beautifully in french with great comprehension . I hope my long reply can help xxxx Now off to read how you are teaching them latin and spanish because this is something I need help with .

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