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  1. bella
    bella at |

    Thank you so much for all your sharing , i receive your email updates in my inbox , love to read and get lots of inspiration from your work with your kiddos . I use lots of your ideas with my kiddos . I have little time to comment online and thank you xxx Like you i never grew memorizing verses , yes we read the bible alone and with kids but when i started homeschooling and learned for the first time about memory verses i knew i want to do it with my kids but to be honest with you i have no idea where to start . This look a good starting point for our family, would be a wonderful blessing if i win , thanks for doing the give away xxx viv

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  2. Jana
    Jana at |

    We also use song to memorize… well, everything! I haven't tried Mega Verses, but I would like to! (We do listen to Seeds Family Worship online, and it also has great scriptures set to a tune.) Jana L BrownJanaLBrown@hotmail.com

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  3. Kris George
    Kris George at |

    Sounds like a great CD!!kristinanngeorge@gmail.com

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  4. The Park Family
    The Park Family at |

    This CD sounds great! WE love it when verses are put into song as well. I haven't heard the Mega Verses yet, but I would definitely put the CD to great use. We like to listen to Seeds Family Worship…they also do a great job putting bible verses into song. Love your website…you have great ideas! Thanks for all that you post.suzielbc4jc@yahoo.com

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  5. Einysmom
    Einysmom at |

    Mega Verses looks like fun. Logan loves songs to help him memorize.-Brenda Eaddy

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  6. Einysmom
    Einysmom at |

    Thank you Julie. Mega Verse sounds great! Logan loves songs to help him learn.-Brenda Eaddy

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  7. Ticia
    Ticia at |

    Oh we are always on the lookout for more songs for music too, thanks for this!

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  8. Brigette Joy
    Brigette Joy at |

    I love anything that helps to learn and meditate on the Bible!

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  9. Growing a Godly Girl
    Growing a Godly Girl at |

    We are using the YouTube video to memorize the Exodus passage. I'd love to win the whole CD! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

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  10. Growing a Godly Girl
    Growing a Godly Girl at |

    Forgot my email address! 🙂 growingagodlygirl@gmail.com

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  11. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    We tried various memory verse methods but none worked. Perhaps, putting them to music will help!Mamamia12003 at yahoo dot com

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  12. jennp
    jennp at |

    I bought the Exodus 20 since we are in CC and love how my 5 year old learned it so quickly. It would be great to have the full CD.jenncphelps@yahoo.com

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  13. Maria W
    Maria W at |

    Oh, we'd love to try this out! Thanks so much!mariaw@mchsi.com

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  14. Tricia
    Tricia at |

    I would love to have this CD! Thanks for the offer!

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  15. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    I've already purchased just Exodus 20 but it would be great to have the other songs too. Thanks!Elizabethehuber@spu.edu

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  16. Amanda Phillips
    Amanda Phillips at |

    Love your blog!! CD sounds awesome we love scripture music.

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  17. Amanda Phillips
    Amanda Phillips at |

    I love your blog!! The CD sounds awesome we love scripture music.

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  18. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    Excited to check out this resource – it looks great!

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