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  1. Mommy Moment
    Mommy Moment at |

    Thanks for linking up!I like the idea of freezing the honeydew!Jody

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  2. Crunchy and Green
    Crunchy and Green at |

    The open and close basket is a favorite at our house, too. I like that you are moving pratical life into the kitchen!

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  3. Raising a Happy Chil
    Raising a Happy Chil at |

    Daughter was never much into sorting and pouring, but loves helping in the kitchen. I want to try some sand writing here too.

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  4. Karen
    Karen at |

    Love ALL the activities!! Specially the cylinders!!! She's so AMAZING!!!Thanks for share!!

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  5. Nicole
    Nicole at |

    When Short Pants saw Bear's tower he said, "Whoa!" 😉 Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday!

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