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  1. Jana
    Jana at |

    I would love to supplement our CC memory work with this bundle. My boys really enjoy hands-on activities.

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  2. Nicolemiko
    Nicolemiko at |

    This looks awesome. Even though we don't do Classical Conversations I could see us using these to flesh out more of our science curriculum.

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  3. Musical Mama
    Musical Mama at |

    This is fantastic, I love using Montessori materials for our CC science. My daughter likes to match up the three part cards, and I think she'd really like to make her own booklet as well!

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  4. Susan
    Susan at |

    I would use these to augment our CC memory work at home and throughout the summer. Of course, I'd bring them to our next Mom's night to show.

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  5. Becky
    Becky at |

    I am trying to incorporate more of a Montessori thought process to our schooling. We have three girls ranging 2-7 so we'd get a lot of use out of this!

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  6. Maria W
    Maria W at |

    I'd use them to reinforce our CC memory work!

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  7. Soojung Seo
    Soojung Seo at |

    These are awesome bundles. We just started the CC by your blogs. I was very impressed your homeschooling through the CC. Thanks for great information!

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  8. Eva
    Eva at |

    I woud love to receive this bundle:)

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  9. Tanya M
    Tanya M at |

    I would use it with my daughter for our lessons.Thank you so much for the giveaway.(Tanya Rubezhov)

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  10. Marnie Craycroft
    Marnie Craycroft at |

    Have I mentioned how much I love your blog? So inspiring!!

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  11. Jodi McKenna
    Jodi McKenna at |

    This is great!! I would use this at home — since we do Classical Conversations. It would be nice to not have to "look around" for other activities.

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  12. Kirsten
    Kirsten at |

    Thank you for sharing. I found your blog about a month ago. You have been so helpful in giving different ideas on how to dig deeper into CC. Love it!

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  13. Mary Jo
    Mary Jo at |

    I would use it with my daughter whom I am planning to homeschool.

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  14. Mary Jo
    Mary Jo at |

    I would use it with my daughter!

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  15. Liz Seiltgen
    Liz Seiltgen at |

    I would use this much like you do. I usually try to set up Montessori type "invitations" in the morning and always delight to see my son working with them. I've been wanting this one for a while! Thanks!

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  16. ritamarj
    ritamarj at |

    Great giveaway !!!

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  17. ritamarj
    ritamarj at |

    Great giveaway!!!

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  18. Airamty
    Airamty at |

    I love this bundle! Thanks so much for the opportunity. Your blog is amazing!

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  19. Cariann McCready
    Cariann McCready at |

    We are moving toward a more classical approach to subjects but still trying to maintain the Montessori activities for the boys, this would be the perfect solution for that in our eclectic homeschool

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  20. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    I will be adding it to our workbox program that we are starting in therapy (my daughter is autistic) and will be bringing into our regular schedule.

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  21. fivehazelnuts
    fivehazelnuts at |

    My son is in kindergarten (age 6), but we do after schooling at home. We would love to use these in our lessons this year! He adores the MPS cards…to the point that I have to laminate EVERYTHING. 🙂

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  22. Ágica &eacute
    Ágica &eacute at |

    Oh, I wish I could have this:) My little one REALLY loves to learn..

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  23. Judy B
    Judy B at |

    Personally, I need to brush up on my 7 wonders of the ancient world (hello trivia night), but I know my 4.5 yo would be in love with that week too! judychrz at gmail

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  24. totschool
    totschool at |

    We would set it up on our tot school trays.

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  25. susanne
    susanne at |

    I would supplement our CC memory work with this bundle. The children of my class really enjoy hands-on activities.

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  26. Emily Raney
    Emily Raney at |

    Looks like lots of great stuff! I'd love to win!!

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  27. Grismar
    Grismar at |

    I would use them everyday to reinforce the memory work. So cool!

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  28. Amy
    Amy at |

    I would use these to supplement our science and memory work, what a great bundle!

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  29. Amy
    Amy at |

    I would use these for our science and memory work!

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  30. Peterson Party
    Peterson Party at |

    We would love to supplement our CC memory work with this awesome bundle 🙂

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  31. ALivesay912
    ALivesay912 at |

    I would use these cards pair with hands on work for further understand, independent studies, and vocabulary development. 🙂

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  32. Emily
    Emily at |

    This would be so great for our first year!!

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  33. Pastor Paully
    Pastor Paully at |

    I am always looking for hands-on ways to memorize the new grammar for our CC class! This would be perfect for us!

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  34. Beth
    Beth at |

    i love all of this! would love to use it at home with my littles : )

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  35. Robin
    Robin at |

    Great resource

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  36. Sheryll
    Sheryll at |

    Great giveaway! Mont Print Shop has such great stuff!

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  37. Sheryll
    Sheryll at |

    I would use this to supplement our studies!

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  38. Starmom
    Starmom at |

    These are great. I would use them for science.

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  39. Unknown
    Unknown at |

    These look great for my 1st and preschooler!

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  40. livingcrunchy
    livingcrunchy at |

    Another way to reinforce our memory work!

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  41. Melanie Bittinger
    Melanie Bittinger at |

    I am so excited about this giveaway because this learning style is me! and my daughter! I am a tutor with Classical Conversations and will be able to promote these to many others. We will put in folders, as shown above, and this will empower us to be more organized (and I need all the help in that area that I can get lol). Thanks so much for this offer and for sharing with us!!

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  42. Jenny Patterson
    Jenny Patterson at |

    My daughter is very visual and hands-on. This is a perfect way to bring classical even more to life for her.

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  43. Isabel
    Isabel at |

    I'd love to incorporate these into our day. What a great resource!

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  44. Heather Kummerfeld
    Heather Kummerfeld at |

    I am homeschooling my daughter for the first time this year. I live Montessori print shop and would be super excited to add these works to our program. 🙂

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  45. Karen
    Karen at |

    Awesome. We just joined CC this semester and I could definitely use this packet to supplement our studies.

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  46. Cheri Hall
    Cheri Hall at |

    I just recently purchased my first set of 3-part nomenclature cards from Montessori Print Shop, and I already had several of these sets on my "wish list" from there. These would be great to supplement our CC curriculum! Thank you!

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  47. Neptune
    Neptune at |

    I am looking into CC. This looks like a great resource!

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