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  1. Celeste
    Celeste at |

    I love the way you presented this to your kids — “I’m going to paint a bluebird so I’ll always remember yesterday.” Whenever I model good Keeping like this it is so effective with my littles! Suddenly they all want to paint too. 😉 Your bluebirds came out great. We don’t have bluebirds here, so I’m always especially struck by them when they pop up online. 🙂

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  2. Kristyn
    Kristyn at |

    Thanks for sharing, Julie. Sounds like a very successful Nature Study in my book, and the drawings look great! In our home, we are always noticing or seeing things as we live out of town and have easy access to the natural world. This doesn’t always translate into ease-of-journaling however. Recently I have been trying to jot down things the kids and I have seen while out and about, then on our journaling day I mention them as ideas for inclusion. I too am trying to keep up with a weekly keeping habit in this subject. Hope your past few weeks have gone well!

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