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  1. RockerMom a.k.a. Jennifer
    RockerMom a.k.a. Jennifer at |

    Wow! That looks like a great plan!

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  2. Teaching Stars
    Teaching Stars at |

    Looks like a fun-filled year for you guys!

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  3. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    Looks great! Love how you are schooling J-jo! 🙂 Have a great year, Julie!

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  4. Ticia
    Ticia at |

    It looks like a great curriculum.

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  5. Kim
    Kim at |

    Great plan! I’d never heard of MEP before. I’ll have to look at it closer. I was only planning on using TOPGTTR and using AAS and AAR Level 1 next year. Do you think if we get 1/2 way though TOPGTTR , she’ll be past using Level 1 in those and I should use them now?

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  6. Raising a Happy Child
    Raising a Happy Child at |

    It’s pretty intense, but I am sure they will both enjoy it. Good luck!

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  7. Stefanie
    Stefanie at |

    I’m excited to see that they added the Clarkson book to core b. I’ll definitely be upgrading that core when the time comes.

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  8. Mommy to the Princesses
    Mommy to the Princesses at |

    Awesome plans for both bear and jo-jo. We are adding a few like AAS, Singapore and SOTW to our regular montessori schedule. Should be a great year for you!

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  9. Altax
    Altax at |

    Looks great!!! They will really like it.Curriculums

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