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  1. Mommy Sarah
    Mommy Sarah at |

    Love the toothpick activity and the feathers! Great ideas!

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  2. Mommy Moment
    Mommy Moment at |

    These are some really wonderful works! We have the toothpick work out now too, only ours is in a salt shaker.Love your blog!Jody

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  3. Elle Belles Bows
    Elle Belles Bows at |

    Wonderful works!The Guidecraft feel and find is on our wish list.Kerri

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  4. Christie - Childhood
    Christie - Childhood at |

    I love the feel and find…hmmm… on my wish list 🙂

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  5. Alycia in Va.
    Alycia in Va. at |

    I like the base of your connect four. We actually don't own one but thinking it would be a fun game for the older and practical work for the youngers.

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  6. Kim
    Kim at |

    We did the toothpicks this week too. L loved it. Thanks for the wonderful ideas as always!

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  7. Karen
    Karen at |

    I love all your toddler activities!! He looks soooo focus and concentrated!! Love the feel and find!! Thanks for share your ideas and your beautiful work!!

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