A mineral is a substance that is neither animal nor plant.  Halite is a common mineral used to make salt. Bear practiced saying “mineral” and “Halite” as I presented the next two works.

Pouring salt

Grinding salt

Salt Paintings

To be honest, we haven’t had time to get to these, but we’ve used salt in painting many times.  Our favorite thing is to sprinkle it over watercolor paint and leave pretty effects.  I had planned to have her crush colored chalk with her mortar and pestle and color the salt with it.  Apparently, you can also color rock salt the same way you would pasta or rice, but we didn’t try that eithre.

Ores are minerals that contain metallic material.  I created some cards to use with 4 of the ores in our box of rock specimens.  One card shows the ore and the matching card shows a product made from the metal extracted from that ore.  For example, gold ore  – gold necklace.  I only chose four ores so as to not overwhelm her.  I would have loved to have an actual copper bell to place in the basket next to the copper ore, or a real silver spoon.  The picture cards will have to suffice.

Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.