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  1. Raising a Happy Chil
    Raising a Happy Chil at |

    I am jealous of all the space you have! It looks like you gave your organization a lot of thought, and it also looks very inviting. It makes me want to reorganize our space, especially since we finally have a high chair out of our eat-in kitchen that doubles as our family room/playroom/school room.

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  2. Ticia
    Ticia at |

    So very pretty and well put together. I love it.

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  3. MaryAnne
    MaryAnne at |

    Your school room looks lovely, and that Costa Rica -made bookcase is lovely. Who needs a formal dining room, anyhow?

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  4. Leptir
    Leptir at |

    Your room is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. thehomeschoolden
    thehomeschoolden at |

    What a lovely setup! I especially loved your post because we're setting up our first homeschool room at the moment!

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  6. Montessori For Learn
    Montessori For Learn at |

    How beautiful! I have room-envy! It is so inviting.

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  7. Cathy
    Cathy at |

    I love this post. I always love when people post details about how their "learning space" at home is set up. There isn't a lot of info on home based montessori classrooms so THANK YOU for your post. 🙂 I had some questions for you about montessori in the home. Does your DD have access to the materials all day long? Or is she only aloud in there during special school hours?Also, if she does have access to the room all of the time, does she ever have problems misusing the equipment? Not putting them back or using the number rods as swords for example. (I am joking about the last one although I can totally see my little boy doing that if I left the room!) Thanks so much!!Cathy

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  8. Karen
    Karen at |

    I just LOVE to see others spaces of learning!!!…And now I found yours!!! I LOVE IT!!! SO ORGANIZE, so clear and Big Space!!! It's LOVELY!!! Thank so much for posting!!!!Big hugs!Karen

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