Note: J-jo is K4 age, but doing a K curriculum and Bear is in 1st by age, but more at a 3rd grade level overall.  I was all excited about Heart of Dakota, received the used copies I purchased, tried them out for a few weeks and was utterly disappointed.  It is not the curriculum for us.  I should have known after my stint with Sonlight that a complete curriculum is highly unlikely to work for us. Consequently, I have had to revamp our plans for August.

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K4 and 1st – Long Story Short for Old Testament, Telling God’s Story Year 2 for New Testament, Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls, More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls, and Object Lessons for a Year. (Not all done each day!)

K4 – Singapore 1 and Miquon Orange
1st  – Singapore 3, Miquon (yellow and purple book) and Life of Fred

K4 – He’ll keep reading Bob books and other leveled readers from the library.  I am following a list I found at this blog.  I am still considering getting PAL Reading for him.  I might just wing it for reading the way I did for Bear at that age.  I never had to use a reading curriculum for Bear.  I do want to start All About Spelling 1 with him, which should reinforce his reading skills.

K4 – Montessori grammar farm
1st – MCT Grammar Island program (plus finishing up FLL3)

lots of read-alouds as usual.
K4 and 1st – Teaching the Classics – I have scheduled  books from the Reading Roadmap’s K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade list, with an emphasis on K and 1st grade books for J-jo and a few 2nd and 3rd grade books for Bear to do alone.

K4 – A Reason for Handwriting and PAL Writing 1st and 2nd parts
1st – Writing With Ease 2 and PAL Writing (the 3rd part).  When we finish the 3rd portion, we will move on to one of the IEW items, but I haven’t decided which.  I need to look at them all at convention in July. (edited to add: I think I will work through TWSS using our own readings to work on writing as I can’t fit in a separate thing from IEW this year.)

K4 and 1st – All About Spelling.  Love, love, love this curriculum (affiliate link in the side bar) though I do kind of want something more independent for Bear.

K4 – History for Little Pilgrims to get a historical overview (Bear at 4 loved Story of the World, but J-jo is not interested.)
1st – Story of the World volume 3, along with Stories of Great Americans and A First Book in American History, plus other historical fiction that ties in with SOTW.

K4 and 1st – we will follow the CC Cycle 2 geography memorization.
Blob mapping
Beautiful Feet Geography Through Literature.

K4 and 1st – Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding – Mostly for J-jo, but Bear will want to join in.
1st – Apologia Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day with the notebooking journal.  This is independent work mostly for her – she reads the text and journals about it.  We do the experiments and Try This sections together.

French and Spanish
K4 and 1st – Daily copywork, videos in target languages and speaking more of it at home

K4 and 1st – Song School Latin 2
1st –  Prima Latina

It seems like a lot written out, but some of these subjects are not done daily.  On Monday I will share how I scheduled it all out so it would fit into a week.

This list of curricula is linked on the Not Back To School Curriculum Hop hosted by the iHN! Head over there to check more blogs for fabulous ideas, resources, and suggestions! 


Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.