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  1. Sheryll
    Sheryll at |

    Are you doing CC at home or attending classes? We don’t have CC in Australia but I purchased their memory flashcards and VP timeline to work through.

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  2. The girl who painted trees
    The girl who painted trees at |

    We participate in a CC community. I do have a friend who does CC at home and she loves that she can take longer to cover the memory work.

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  3. Teaching Stars
    Teaching Stars at |

    Oh shucks- quit being so productive. You’re making the rest of us look bad. 😉

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  4. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    You are amazingly organized! I’m trying to wrap up this year and will be planning next year soon too! Sorry it’s taking me some time to do the SOTW website. Thanks for the resources! It makes me want to do CC too now!

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  5. Raising a Happy Child
    Raising a Happy Child at |

    Wow, this is pretty impressive collection of materials. I am so pinning this post.

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  6. Brenda
    Brenda at |

    This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  7. Susan
    Susan at |

    Hi Julie! Are you using the 3rd edition guide as your ‘map’. I see some differences in your week 1 vs my week 1.
    BTW, have I told you you’re amazing lately? You are!

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  8. The Culbertsons
    The Culbertsons at |

    Thanks for sharing all this. My oldest two kids are almost 5 & 3 (and I have a little girl who is 13 months)& your post is perfect for us. I will be using your book lists and other ideas to prepare at home & for tutoring.

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  9. The Zookeeper
    The Zookeeper at |

    We will be starting up September 3rd on week one… Can’t wait! You got off to a great start! XOXO

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  10. Melissa
    Melissa at |

    Thanks for sharing the flocabulary site!! Okay – confession – I love rap!! I love that fertile crescent song!!!

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  11. amber@This Mommy Cooks
    amber@This Mommy Cooks at |

    Where can I find the preposition song? It isn’t on my cycle 1 memory work cd that I’ve found. I love it! Thanks for all you do!

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  12. The girl who painted trees
    The girl who painted trees at |

    amber – the preposition song is on the third CD with the timeline song. Also the Youtube video I linked to has a faster version which is the actual song from the CD.

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  13. Bonified Boudreauxs
    Bonified Boudreauxs at |

    We make CC videos. Check it out!

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