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  1. Lori
    Lori at |

    The re-purposed cereal bags are a wonderful Earth Day idea! I love it! One of JR's favorite works is the USA map too. He does it daily. I'm excited to hear how the work boxes works out. Keep us updated!

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  2. MaryAnne
    MaryAnne at |

    I also love the repurposed cereal bags idea! Frugal AND green =)I wish Johnny could do preschool only three days a week, but his program only offers five days. He seems to cope with it fine (no meltdowns), but I miss having him around (and the extra driving isn't super fun).

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  3. love2teach2day
    love2teach2day at |

    I love the idea for copying Rush Hour. What a great preschool use for the game!

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  4. Raising a Happy Chil
    Raising a Happy Chil at |

    I can understand Bear's feeling. It took Anna a while to get used to extended days and she has the same complaints. She is also not particularly interested in any academic work lately (except reading, of course), but it's OK – I want her to spend more time outside playing anyway.

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