Chores for Quiet Time

rest time endeavorsOne of my kids’ chores is folding laundry.  They do a great job of folding and delivering it, and it has been such a blessing. Granted, sometimes my husband’s shirts are folded strangely, but overall, I have been impressed with their ability. Since my children no longer nap, I have shifted laundry folding to rest time. I put on an audio book, usually from Librivox or Lit2Go, and usually I choose a recommendation from Ambleside Online (we are trying to catch up with all the Year 1 literature readings before starting Year 2 in the fall), and they listen while they fold laundry.  Once they are done folding, they can do what they like in separate rooms for the remainder of quiet time.  This new routine is working like a charm.

What routines bring you a sense of rest and relief?

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    Folding is a great idea for quiet time. I need to get my kids back in the habit of “quiet time.”

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