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  1. Teaching Stars
    Teaching Stars at |

    I'm wondering if I may feel the same way about CC. After MUCH deliberation I've decided to join my 4 and 6 year old up for it next year. I'm going to go in open-minded but I am not sold that we'll be following through with it all the way yet.

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  2. Michelle G
    Michelle G at |

    We won't be returning to community next year either. I have twins, and my daughter loved it but my son so didn't. So, I'm working through Cycle 2 and going to offer it in a more Delight Driven method so that my little guy can enjoy it too. Love your blog!

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  3. Bonified Boudreauxs
    Bonified Boudreauxs at |

    I totally get it! We are at the same point. With three kids, it just became to crazy and hectic. We needed that extra day and the flexibility! I mean, isn't that one of the reasons we homeschool?! I totally support your decision and good luck! We are on the same path so I hope we can be a help to each other. You can find us on youtube or pinterest if you like. Happy Homeschooling!

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  4. Kim
    Kim at |

    I'd love a copy of your history sentences, if you are willing to share. I spent a couple hours yesterday matching the history sentences from all cycles to the time line cards. It would be great to have your list to fill in the blanks.

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  5. Lisa @ Our Country R
    Lisa @ Our Country R at |

    I think you knew this, but we did the co-op with CC as our backbone-used parts of it didn't use others, added our own stuff. I have the option of continuing with our current group, joining the local CC group, or doing nothing. I'm choosing #3. I plan to use that extra day for more field trips and to invite friends over to come and learn with us in our home. I totally agree on it just being a rush of a day!I also totally agree with the history sentences! The Timeline is awesome. I would recommend learning it to everyone, the history sentences-no way.

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  6. Janeen
    Janeen at |

    Hi! We did the same thing this past year! I have 5 kids that include 2 toddlers and it was just too much, but I do love the memory work method so we have also continued that. I too, did not like the large gaps in history so I created my own timeline cards and history memory work. We do our own Latin memory, but geography, history and mapping follow what we are currently studying. I would love to communicate with you guys on creating some memory work. I made timeline cards with summaries on the back based on what we are studying and then took our history sentence from that. If you are interested, email me at janeen721@bellsouth.net. I have a blog that I just recently started: <a href="http://www.sproutingtadpoles.comwww.sproutingtadpoles.com<br />thanks! and good luck to you!

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  7. Michelle Palmer
    Michelle Palmer at |

    I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing next year. We have not done CC and my son is 14, going into HS. I went to a homeschool convention and they were telling me I could start at Challenge A. My son doesn’t like school so I’m looking for something different. Do you have any experience with Challenge?

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