She Took Notes! – Meeting Jim Weiss

meetingjimweiss.jpgWho doesn’t love a good story?  Bear especially loves them – telling and writing them, so when we saw that Jim Weiss was going to be speaking on “How to Tell (or Write) a Story” at the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC, we were all excited.  The talk was on the second morning we were there and Bear had seen me taking notes at two other talks the previous day.  Little did I know what an impression I was making on her.

My husband took the kids to the Jim Weiss presentation because John Stonestreet was speaking at the same time, and I really wanted to hear him talk about mis-using scriptures.  We parted, and an hour later when we were to meet again, my family still had not appeared, so I went looking for my husband and children, and found Bear meeting Jim Weiss and showing him the notes she had taken on what he had said!

She. took. notes. 
My 6 year old took notes!
Just a bit of a proud-Mommy moment.

Thank you, Jim Weiss, for inspiring my daughter!  Hurray for a storyteller role model for my budding authoress!

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  1. Mystie
    Mystie at |

    That is so awesome, Julie! What a treat to get to meet him. 🙂 And those are great notes!!

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  2. Sarah Mackenzie
    Sarah Mackenzie at |

    Oh my gosh. She took notes. I’m dying here. 🙂

    (He’s going to be one of my first guests on the new Read Aloud Revival podcast!)

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  3. Mary
    Mary at |

    Awesome!!!!! So glad to have connected with you in Greenville!!

    Reply to Mary
  4. Min
    Min at |

    That is so awesome – meeting Jim Weiss and taking notes!! I met him several years ago but now I want K to meet him too. He’s a wonderful storyteller and I still remember the things he said. Inspiring.

    Reply to Min