Have you ever wondered how to organize your life? I ponder it all the time. I can never keep up with the house and cooking and homeschooling. Mystie’s Simplified Organization course is an answer to prayer. The course doesn’t just help you figure out how to organize your life, but helps you readjust the mindset you have toward your work. Some of us have decided to share how the course is changing us. The link is at the end of this post.

Simplified Organization Progress Report

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If you haven’t already gotten your course, you still have until September 2nd to buy it and get $30 off. It is so worth it.

The course is arranged in modules. The first module is called Decide. It really is a module about taking your thoughts captive and having an attitude of gratitude. One motto that sticks out to me from this module is

It is not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy.



Mystie suggests starting a gratitude journal. I have been keeping one on and off since reading Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, so I pulled it out and put in some extra entries. We just spent a week at the beach; it’s easy to find numerous things for which to be grateful while at the beach.

What I think will help me more than the gratitude journal though is her idea to turn a wandering complaining thought into a prayer of gratitude. Now for me, this has nothing to do with housekeeping and keeping my house tidy. It has more to do with my attitude toward the premature births of my twins and coping with the grief from their deaths. (Y’all, a stillbirth – it’s not the same as a miscarriage. It just isn’t. But some expect me to bounce back. I’m sorry that I can’t bounce back like that. A miscarriage is hard – I’ve had those too – 4 of them in fact – but the stillbirths – for me it’s been a million times harder.) So when I start wondering why God has done this, why now He’s not letting us get pregnant again, Mystie’s idea has me turning the thought into a praise for the two beautiful, smart children He has already blessed me with.

Her third point in this particular section on habit formation is to notice the small, momentary blessings and thank God for them. Yes. There are tons of those small, momentary blessings – and they are to be recognized.

Keeping an Organized Calendar:

The biggest way in which module one helped me though, is Mystie’s detailed video explanation of how to set up Google calendar and how to even put your meal plan on there. I shamelessly just copied all her categories. It was just easier. I just noticed that morning chores got into the schedule twice. You can see I still have to do our meal planning.

Screenshot 2014-08-30 20.52.18

Mystie poses a question at the end of her link-up.

In this next month, what is the one thing you are going to do that will move you forward?

This month I hope to stay on top of meal planning and filling in my beautiful color-coded calendar, as I progress through Module 2.

Go check out Mystie’s course. Remember, the sale ends Tuesday. Get yours now for $30 off with the code backtoschool.

Get organized. Stay organized.

Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.