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  1. bug
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    Brilliant! I love it!

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  2. amym
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    My 5 year old is similar. He gets overwhelmed when I ask him to read a story out of a reader, but if I write out the story one sentence at a time (I used to have to write it out one word at a time) on our white board, he will read it with much greater ease. So currently I am writing each sentence out and once he reads the sentence or two belonging to each photo in the story, his reward is to see the cooresponding picture in the book. I am trying to work him up to reading out of the reader by putting the bookmark in at the end of the short story so he can see the end in sight and know the story only goes as far as the bookmark. He has no problem if he is asked to read a 'Bob' book or one of the little 'Fun Tales' (Sonlight) books because they are smaller and less overwhelming.He is the same way with workbooks. I either photocopy workbooks or cut them apart so he only gets one or two pages at a time. I am photocopying his Math Book. I think when we get to the next level, I'll undo the binding instead.

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  3. The girl who painted
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    @ amym – I love your idea of taking apart the workbooks to make it look like less:)

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