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  1. MamaOfOne
    MamaOfOne at |

    We love the Hokey Pokey here and use it to review and learn alot of what you mentioned in your post……anything to music is a huge it with my LO

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  2. MaryAnne
    MaryAnne at |

    I just discovered "The Home Teacher" blog (maybe via your blog?) and it's such a great resource! I hadn't seen this particular activity, what a great idea! I think this would be a great way to review animal names with younger toddlers.

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  3. Valerie
    Valerie at |

    Love this! I use the hokey pokey in my Spanish for Tots group to teach the kids about parts of the body. They always have a great time with it, and they really remember all of the new vocabulary. Something about getting up and moving, singing, and the repetition make it a perfect learning song. Great post!

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  4. Keri
    Keri at |

    hey thanks for the shout out! Maryanne- the activity is located in the Shapes pdf that you can download (posted May 2) I have to admit I am not the originator of the idea but found it while researching it online!

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