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  1. Stefanie
    Stefanie at |

    It looks wonderful!!!We're building a new house so I'm going to get to redo ours a bit. Starting with the paint color.

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  2. Karen
    Karen at |

    Julie!!!! I'ts soooo Beautiful!! Everything looks soooo neat!!, clear, peaceful!!! Enjoy your new school room!!! As we said on spanish… "valio la pena la espera"!!! Congratulations!!

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  3. Briana Jeffers
    Briana Jeffers at |

    Very nice set up!

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  4. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    Julie its so beautiful!!!!! I really love that you have everything organized and pretty! I am sure that it make doing school so much more peaceful and exciting! Love Love Love it!

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  5. Allison
    Allison at |

    What an awesome set up!

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  6. Milwife Mama of One
    Milwife Mama of One at |

    This looks so inviting! Curious – why are you not doing Montessori elementary?

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  7. Ticia
    Ticia at |

    It looks so PRETTY! Great job.Out of curiosity why aren't you doing Montessori elementary?

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  8. bella
    bella at |

    Julie this is a beautiful room , congratulations !!! like many asked why you won't be doing montessori elementary, also can you please post more about the book you mentioned kind of brief description .and of course will be nie to have a sneak peak to what is in those drawers , would love to know what did you choose for bear for the coming year in various areas .thank you for sharingviv

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